Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bows, lace and grids.


Yesterday I went on a little shopping trip to Tel Aviv, which was lovely. I really need to go there more since I feel that I need to get to know the city better, but I rarely have the time. Nevertheless, I managed to snag a few pieces which I am extremely pleased about....

Lace dress
Lace dress
Lace dress

A white summery lace dress from Zara. I am absolutely and completely smitten with it, and it is such a little treasure. In my next post I will be wearing this.

Bow shirt

A bow t-shirt from Zara. Bows are nearly impossible to say "no" to.


A bow hair band from American Apparel. I had a similar bow hair band from Topshop a couple of years ago, but it's gone missing so I was happy to replace it with this one. Unfortunately the picture doesn't do it much justice.


And finally, some tights with grids on from American Apparel. I had actually set out to buy some heart shaped tights, but I thought these were so much more impressive, and architectural (which means that my boyfriend was quite amazed by them as well).


PS: I apologize for not really replying to comments lately - I have no other excuse but laziness - but I will start replying to them tomorrow. Right now I must surrender to the sandman. Yawn.

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