Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New treasures

I came across a skrit I completely forgot I had in the very back of my closet today. Finding something like that again makes me get the same feeling I get when I've just purchased something new. Sadly, it doesn't happen every day.

The top is my new favourite leotard from American Apparel, with a low back.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pies, fruitsalads and not feeling well.

Today I haven't been feeling very well with a sore throat, headache and a lack of energy. Not the best way to feel when you have millions of things to do. Well, not actually, but that's the way it feels since I have a lot of stressful things ahead of me. The following weeks I have two term papers to write, and by Friday I need to have chosen the topic for one of them. Let's say I am clueless. I am so behind on my reading and in order to choose a topic, I need to read more. Today I couldn't do any of it since I felt like that. Maybe I could have, but I still couldn't. Instead I watched DVDs and made myself good food.

Fruit salad, with nuts, strawberries, banana and apple.

A delicious vegetable pie with onions, tomatoes, zucchini, broccoli, paprika and topped with fresh basil.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Three very desired things.

At the moment there are three, or possibly four things that I really, really want, but that I don't know if I should actually go ahead and decide to buy... decisions, very hard decisions. However, not all of the things are equally as difficult to decide if I should get since they have different price ranges, but still...

Repettos. I adore them. I have a thing for ballerinas, and these must be the ultimate ballerinas. I tried on some repettos at a shop in Munich, and they felt heavenly. The leather was so soft around my feet, and they felt like a perfect fit. I especially like these two versions which resemble real ballerina poine shoes instead of the usual rounded tip. Most of the repettos I can find online do have a rounded tip, so I can find some with a pointe tip on ebay at one point or another.
The miu miu bag. Originally I want the miu miu bow satchel but it's practically impossible to get hold of these days as it's sold out everywhere. Then I came across this one on Asos, which I thought looked nice as well. I have to say that I am still very much in doubt whether to get it or not. For one, it's way above my budget, and therefore I don't know if it's really worth it. Then again, I think it's very beautiful, and it would be great to have a fantastic bag. Is it really that beautful in person? I would have to order it online and wouldn't be able to see it in person to examine it myself. And because it must be ordered online I'm sure that the taxes would be high due to the delivery since it's sent by carrier. Once I was charged 25% of the cost of an item to pay as tax, and if I would be charged that much on the bag, the cost would be enormous. Oh, I don't know what to do...
I love these two dresses, also from Asos, and I'm definitely getting one of them, but I'm unsure which one. Both are beautiful in different ways.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Stripes and strawberries.

Today's been a tireing day. I went to sleep late and had to get up early for work. Luckily I managed to catch a few hours of sleep after work, so that was nice. I'm soon off to a 'work party', which should be fun. I hope. I'm not wearing this - it's what I wore earlier today.

Top: Zara, Jeans: Vero Moda, Necklace: Grandmother's.

I also just made myself a delicious smoothie, that I am enjoying right now!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Zoological garden.

While visiting my boyfriend, we also went to the zoo. I love zoos. For some reason I was never really that fond of them as a kid since I thought they were boring. Now, though, I really like them. This visit to the zoo made me reach the desicion that zoos are really the best in the spring because then there are so many cute baby animals to see. Well, at least that's true with domestic animals, like sheep and goats. I completely fell in love with all the lamb and baby goats skipping around.

Me giving a little lamb a cuddle.

I think this picture is absolutely adorable. I would love to have a garden where I could have sweet little lambs and baby goats skipping around in the spring... Ah, dreams.

I held a little goat like that, but unfortunately it wasn't captured on camera.

The big goats were more interested in our bags and our food.
Really interested.

The monkeys, too, were nice and funny to watch. Monkeys are my favourite animals in the zoo, especially orang-utans.

Normally I dislike birds, but this one had pretty colours.

Me inside a green house, with exotical animals, where it was nice and warm.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Away and back again.

My apologies for not blogging in such a long time. I was away, visiting my boyfriend, and I simply couldn't find the time to blog, let alone upload pictures here. Anyway, I'm going to try to make up for the time I've "lost", by showing some pictures from my trip. I had a lovely time, travelling, shopping and most of all, being with my boyfriend again. Here are some pictures from Berlin where we went for a few days. It's a great, very metropolitan city, with enormous amounts of things to do and see. The shopping is also fantastic, but unfortunately I had too little time for that.

At Brandenburger Tor, wearing my favourite bow.

Photograph taken from the Siegessäule (Angel) in the photo below.
Siegessäule. I actually regret going up there. Heights make me feel nausey. And especially this one, with its swirly stairs.

On the bus, looking through our LP deciding where to go next.

One of the main shopping streets, with the Gedächniskirche in the background.

In front of the Holocaust memorial. It's really a very impressive piece of art, but it annoys me a lot how disrespectful some people are, jumping from stone to stone, or running, yelling, completely ignorant of the memorial and its meaning. The information centre at the site is also very interesting.

One day we went out for couscous. Yummy.

Me at the Sony centre. At night it's beautiful with the neon lights and the nice cafés and restaurants.

Parts of the remains of the Berlin Wall.

At the Reichstag (parliament). I guess I was quite tired from a little sleep on the night before when we celebrated Passover, and it only ended very late. Very nice, however!

And the main synagogue of Berlin. I find it extremely beautiful - the golden roof and the ornaments.

I will be updating shortly again, with pictures from our trip to the zoo, tropical islands and random pictures.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Waiting for my parcel

I recently bought some clothes from Forever21, that I can't wait to get. They are being shipped to my boyfriend's and hopefully they will be there when I come to visit him on Friday.

Lovely 60's looking dress. I love the cut, and I hope it will look nice on me.

This skirt, but in fusia. They no longer have it in that colour anymore, so I'm showing you the black one. I really love the cut of it.

A dark-brown belt.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Winter? Spring?

Unfortunately it still looks pretty much like this where I am:

and it's going to take a good while before it will be proper spring. Luckily I'm going away for a couple of weeks to somewhere further south where I do presume it is a little warmer.

What I wish I could wear today.

I wish it was spring, properly, and warmish so that I could wear this... and stroll the streets of Paris, preferrably, and just feel carefree.

I really want that bag from miu miu. The problem is though, that it's from a few seasons ago, and nearly impossible to get hold of now.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Oh No.

I am quite ashamed of myself as I meant to start writing regularly in this blog, but evidently that has not happened. Yes, I have quite good reasons for that though. First, I was neither happy with my blogname, nor the layout. Secondly, I had no time to change that, or shall we say I was too lazy to focus on that, and then I didn't want to write anything as I didn't like it. Now, when that is changed and I have fixed things, and since I am rather content with the name and the layout, I intend to start writing and make this blog worth reading. Hopefully I will succeed.


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