Friday, April 25, 2008

Zoological garden.

While visiting my boyfriend, we also went to the zoo. I love zoos. For some reason I was never really that fond of them as a kid since I thought they were boring. Now, though, I really like them. This visit to the zoo made me reach the desicion that zoos are really the best in the spring because then there are so many cute baby animals to see. Well, at least that's true with domestic animals, like sheep and goats. I completely fell in love with all the lamb and baby goats skipping around.

Me giving a little lamb a cuddle.

I think this picture is absolutely adorable. I would love to have a garden where I could have sweet little lambs and baby goats skipping around in the spring... Ah, dreams.

I held a little goat like that, but unfortunately it wasn't captured on camera.

The big goats were more interested in our bags and our food.
Really interested.

The monkeys, too, were nice and funny to watch. Monkeys are my favourite animals in the zoo, especially orang-utans.

Normally I dislike birds, but this one had pretty colours.

Me inside a green house, with exotical animals, where it was nice and warm.

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