Friday, August 22, 2008

Habits tag.

I was tagged by Sassy behind the cool blog 'Eurotrash' write about my habits.

1. Clothes shop: Topshop perhaps... but I mostly buy my clothes on the internet these days, and H&M has been disappointing recently. I also really like American Apparel.

2. Furniture shop: Not sure. We don't have any nice ones where I live. Otherwise I'd say Ikea I suppose.

3. Sweet: Dark chocolate.

4. City: Out of the ones I've been to I'd say London, but Paris is great too. Oh, and I also like Stockholm.

5. Drink: Water, tea, juice.

6. Music: the Kooks, Frou Frou, Au revoir Simone, Peter Sarstedt, the Kinks, Rufus Wainwright, Hanson, Regina Spektor, Imogen Heap, the Beatles, Feist, the Fray, Håkan Hellström, KT Tunstall, Paolo Nutini, the Shins, Radiohead and U2.

7. Tv-series: Sex and the City, Gilmore Girls, and I also like watching old series like 'The Little House on the Praire', and 'My Wonder Years'.

8. Film: I can't choose only one. Le Fabuleux destin d' Amelie Poulain, Closer, the Pianist, Annie, Garden State, Big Fish, Forrest Gump, Les Choristes, Leon.

9. Work out: Gymnastics, horseback riding, walking, and anything at the gym.

10. Pastries: Chocolate croissants.

11. Coffee: I don't like coffee.

I'm tagging Hannah-Zoë, Mandy, Erika, and Sea and Char.

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