Saturday, September 11, 2010

Neve Zedek

Neve ZedekNeve Zedek

It's been much too long, again, I know. I'd planned on posting at the beginning of this week, but then I caught the flu so the hiatus became even longer than I'd anticipated. Oh well.
I'm going to share some pictures with you that we took a week or so ago when my boyfriend and I went to walk around in Neve Zedek, an old neighborhood in Tel Aviv one evening. It has a bit of a European atmosphere, I think, and felt nice and romantic. I'd never been there before, and I really liked seeing the old houses and narrow streets. It is very different from the architecture elsewhere in Tel Aviv which is very modern, worn down and dare I say quite ugly.

While we were there I also spotted a little shop that seemed to be filled with antique or antique like treasures. Unfortunately it was closed, but I was standing there staring through the shop window for at least ten minutes, so I simply need to get back there one day that it's open.

Neve Zedek
Neve ZedekNeve Zedek
Neve ZedekNeve ZedekNeve Zedek

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