Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sun and sea

Sun and sea

I am now in Oslo, enjoying a couple of days here living in my sister's apartment before I tomorrow take a flight to my good friend Amalie's wedding near Trondheim. I am so much looking forward to it as I'll surely be such a wonderful wedding and also because I will get to see my friends again (we're sharing a cabin together for the weekend). So far in Oslo, I've just been walking and looking around, shopping a little and pondering the purchase of an SLR camera.
I had planned on blogging more while I'm here, but my sister's internet connection is down and right now I'm blogging from a library. I am not sure whether I'll be able to blog before Sunday, when I'll be back in Tromsø - it all depends on whether the cabin I'll be staying at for the wedding has a wireless network. We'll see.

Sun and sea

Anyway, over to today's post. These pictures (and video) are from last weekend when we stopped by at the beach in Tel Aviv. We were frolicking about in the waves (I really regretted not having taken my bathing suit as the sea looked so inviting) and taking pictures. I had also taken my Diana camera that I had just received and I am longing to see how the pictures will come out!

Sun and seaSailor buttons
Diana cameraSun and sea
Sun and sea

Dress by Dahlia, hair bow bought in Sweden, sunglasses from H&M and Diana camera

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