Thursday, December 17, 2009


First of all, I'm back! I'm finally done with my thesis, and my studies. It feels so amazing, but also kind of weird not being a student anymore after having been one for the past five years.
I bought myself a new calendar to keep organized for the next year. I always used to have yearly calendars when I was younger, and they used to be filled with everything and I kind of missed having one. I am, however, a bit worried about just forgetting about using it, but with one as cute as this one I hope I'll remember to use it.
The thing I really liked about this calendar is the fact that it's set up for you to write lists about all kinds of things every week throughout the year. It's so great to be able to keep track of all the things you like, or think, or aspire to do - but maybe, in between everything, forget that you do.

Do you keep a calendar or planner, and what kind?

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