Thursday, May 8, 2008

Inherited goods and a braided hair.

Some of my favourite things I own, are in fact things that I have inherited from relatives.
A polka-dotted little shawl, cuff links (which I actually haven't found a way to wear yet, but I will, soon!), and a pretty brooch from my grandmother, as well as two necklaces from her. In the winter, I like to snug up in a blue vest that used to be my grandfather's, because it's so nice and warm and it fits me well, too. I don't really know how exactly I've obtained the Chinese jewellery box, but it somehow found its way into my possession, and needless to say, I enjoy it very much. It's spacious, and it plays a nice tune when I open it. The teaset is probably my favourite. It's perfect for a little teaparty, if I should ever have one, that is.

Today I also experimented a little on a new hair style, and in my opinion it looks very nice. Especially with the small hearts on the side of the head!

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